: 2018 Volunteer & Staff Activity

2018 Activity Update

Hawaii Marine Animal Response (HMAR) is busy every day.  Thousands of times each year our field response, escalations, interventions, standing support and outreach activities help us move towards our vision of a Hawaiian ocean ecosystem shared in harmony by humans and protected marine species.

Examples of our work during 2018 include:

  • Recording over 3,700 sightings of protected marine species.
  • Team members engaged in field response-related activities more than 3,100 times.
  • Hawaiian monk seal, sea turtle and seabird related escalated actions, interventions and emergency responses:  Over 260 times
  • Volunteer and staff hours worked:  over 22,000 (>61 hours per day)
  • Team member outreach engagements with members of the public:  over 67,000

Help us continue this important work.  Join our volunteer team or donate to our cause.  Click on http://h-mar.org/get-involved/ to learn more.  

We thank you for your support.