Hawaii Marine Animal Response (HMAR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that counts on generous tax-deductible donations from people like you. You can help Hawaii’s protected marine animals and our ocean ecosystem through one or more of the following ways.

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  • How about adopting one of our popular Hawaiian monk seals?  Please click on the “Adopt a Monk Seal” tab above.
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  • Are you an Oahu-based business associated with tourism or our ocean ecosystem? Our Hawaii Marine Stewards program might be for you. Please click on the “Hawaii Marine Stewards” tab above.
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Your Donations Help Us…

  • Offset Personnel, Equipment and Supply Costs: Help us offset the costs of staff, insurance, vehicle expenses, supplies, equipment and other costs to maintain our field response, rescue, outreach, hotline and dispatch operations.
  • Deliver Education Programs: Your donations help us produce the materials and purchase the equipment used in our education programs so our children become stewards of our precious marine mammal resources.
  • Get Grants: Your donations create a revenue base that we can use to pursue matching funds grants from government agencies and private foundations.
  • Create Fundraising Campaigns: Your donations help us develop fundraising campaigns and special events that bring awareness to the need for preservation of Hawaii’s protected marine species.
  • Defray Service Costs: You can help us defray the costs of telecommunications services, computer equipment and online systems used to create, manage, store and distribute the critical field data generated by our activity.

The important work that HMAR does can’t be accomplished without significant expense each year for supplies and equipment. Your generous support by purchasing needed supplies or equipment from our Amazon Wishlist will help us save Hawaii’s protected marine animals and our critical ocean ecosystem.  Click below to go to our Amazon Wishlist where you can see products we need.  It’s easy and quick.  Just select and purchase the item(s) you wish to donate, Amazon will ship the items directly to us and you’ll receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation.


Your vehicle donation can directly help Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles, seabirds and our ocean ecosystem. Our partner CAREasy.org handles everything so all you need to do is call or fill out our quick online form. Won’t you help today? Please click on the button below to start the process and mahalo for your support.


Just $200 Per Year Can Help.

Your donation lets you symbolically adopt one of several special Hawaiian monk seals. You and other caring individuals then become the “parents” of your chosen seal.  If you know of a specific seal that you want to adopt that isn’t listed below, please let us know HERE and we will do what we can to support your request.

Your adoption includes:

  • An HMAR official Hawaiian monk seal adoption certificate that you can print and proudly display at your home or office.
  • “Members-only” or early invitations to special HMAR events.
  • Links to digital photos of your adopted Hawaiian monk seal to use as your computer desktop, phone home screen, your email signature or in many other ways.

Adopt one of these well-known seals:

“Benny” – Benny, who’s official ID is RE74 is a male Hawaiian monk seal that was born on Kauai in 2004.  Benny is seen in many places on Oahu such as Ala Moana, Ewa Beach, Turtle Bay, Ko’olina, White Plains, Kaena Point, Rabbit Island, Nanakuli and Maili. He had a hook surgically removed in December 2014 and another in October 2016 and has had several other hooks removed. He was captured and brought to the NOAA facilities from January 23 to January 26, 2015 to avoid an oil spill. Benny is a well-known seal on Oahu and is waiting to be adopted by you.


“Holokai” (Sea Farer) – Holokai, who’s official ID is RG40 is a male Hawaiian monk seal born in the Turtle Bay area of Oahu on June 27, 2015.  He is seen in many places on Oahu including Turtle Bay, Kaena Point, Kahuku and other Oahu north shore locations.  After Holokai was weaned he was seen resting at his birth beach for many months.  As he got older, however, he has become a true “sea farer” and is seen all over the northern area of Oahu.  Holokai is waiting for you to adopt him.



“Honey Girl” – Honey Girl, who’s official ID is R5AY was first seen on Kauai in November 2002 when she was estimated to be 5 years of age. She is often seen on Oahu’s north shore, Turtle Bay, Hau’ula and other windward Oahu locations.  Honey Girl is a large female and is considered by some to be the Hawaiian monk seal matriarch on Oahu due to her giving birth to 12 pups over the years. She has pupped in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. Several of her pups have not survived. She has had fish hooks removed in 2003, 2012 and 2016. Honey girl is a real survivor and would love to have you as a parent.


Here’s how to adopt one of these seals:

  1. Click on the blue DONATE NOW button in the upper right corner of this page.
  2. When the donation window opens, enter $200.00 (or more if you wish)
  3. Below the donation amount, there is a box to enter a comment, in the box type in “Adopt Benny” (or Holokai or Honey Girl).
  4. Select donation using your PayPal account or your credit card.
  5. Enter the requested information and submit your donation.
  6. You’ll be emailed your adoption certificate and a link to digital photos of your adopted Hawaiian monk seal.
  7. THANKS for your support.

We are the largest Hawaii-based non-profit marine species response organization, covering the islands of Oahu and Molokai with our team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers, interns and staff. Our team spends thousands of hours each year responding to calls involving protected marine species such as Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles and seabirds to provide shoreline response, stranding assistance, outreach, health management and rescue. Our work helps save these animals from deaths and injuries caused by hookings, entanglement, disease, and potentially dangerous or inappropriate interaction with humans and pets. This extensive presence in the field, combined with regular outreach and education activity in schools, community events and public venues allows us to engage with tens of thousands of people each year to build understanding, stewardship and support for Hawaii’s protected marine species and the coastal ecosystem we share.

Be a Volunteer

Our volunteers are at the core of our work. Without these dedicated individuals we could not do the work we do.  Are you a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident (i.e. possess a “Green Card”) and you can commit to certain minimum activity levels to help save Hawaii’s protected species such as the Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles and seabirds? If so, click below to learn more about HMAR’s volunteer programs and to apply.

Be an Intern

If you are a U.S. citizen and a degreed or degree-seeking individual engaged in fields of study such as marine biology, ecology, ocean sciences or related fields, we offer internship opportunities in HMAR programs such as Field Support & Outreach, Marine Debris & Marine Operations or Education & Engagement. All internships are non-paying positions that do not include housing or living expenses. Internships require a minimum of 20 hours per week of work and access to a personal car or truck. Click below to learn more and apply.

Employment Opportunities

There are no current job openings for HMAR. In the future, positions will be posted here. Note that all staff positions require U.S. citizenship.

Your organization, company or foundation can play an important role in helping HMAR in our mission of helping Hawaii’s protected marine animals and our shared ocean ecosystem.  We offer several different sponsorship programs, or we can customize a program especially for you. Benefits include positive exposure for your organization, employee participation in HMAR conservation efforts and community awareness of your positive preservation and stewardship efforts. Click the button below to learn more.


Enjoy benefits for your organization while helping Hawaii’s protected marine species.

Your Oahu-based business or organization can get involved in HMAR’s free Hawaii Marine Stewards program and make a direct impact on helping Hawaii’s protected marine species.

Hawaii’s marine environment is one of the things that makes Hawaii so special and draws millions of visitors each year. So it makes sense that we should take care of, and be “stewards” of, the protected marine species living in our waters.

Become a partner and join our Hawaii Marine Stewards program.  This free education and recognition program is run by Hawaii Marine Animal Response with funding provided by Hawai‘i Tourism through the Aloha ‘Āina Program.  The program gives your organization the opportunity to help our protected marine species while giving you some important benefits.


We provide free classroom instruction to your staff giving them valuable information about the natural history, behavior as well as important viewing and interaction guidelines for Hawaii’s endangered, threatened and protected marine species such as the Hawaiian monk seal, marine turtles, dolphins and whales.

With this training, your staff will be better equipped to answer questions and teach your customers, members and the public about Hawaii’s special marine species and our shared ocean ecosystem. Everyone loves to learn and the people your team come in contact with will appreciate the extra level of information you can share. And when your customers, members or the public see these animals in the wild, they’ll know more about them and how to safely and appropriately view them to prevent unnecessary disturbance or interaction.

Through this action, your staff, members and customers will then also become stewards of our protected marine species, and they’ll be helping in the conservation and management of our shared coastal ecosystem, one of the most important treasures Hawaii has to offer.

We even equip you with free materials you can distribute that provides information on Hawaii’s protected marine species and proper stewardship, viewing guidelines and interaction rules.  We will also provide you with free marine species information that you can easily post to your own website or social media feeds boosting your organization’s online content and presence.

 Your staff members are more satisfied when they are better trained.

 Your better trained team will better educate your customers and the public.  Your organization will having raving fans.

 More informed staff, members, customers and the public will increase stewardship of our protected marine species.

 And a stable and recovering ecosystem of protected marine species leads to a healthy Hawaii marine environment. 

This is a true win-win for your organization, your customers or members, our protected marine animals and our coastal ecosystem.



The Hawaii Marine Stewards program provides your business with extra recognition.  In addition to the benefits you get from the educational aspects of the program, we’ll provide you with our Hawaii Marine Stewards logo that you can proudly add to your website, collateral materials, vehicles, or just about anything.

We are also working with Hawaii Tourism to find additional ways, such as printed articles and social media, to get your organization’s name into the public eye as a partner in this program.  So you’ll get even more recognition for your participation in helping Hawaii’s protected marine species.

Click HERE here to see some of the forward-thinking companies that are our most recent graduates of the Hawaii Marine Stewards program.

Remember, there is no cost for your organization to become part of the Hawaii Marine Stewards program.  We will tailor your training to match your organization’s location and services offered. Let’s talk. Please just drop us a note HERE or call us at (808) 687-7900.