Join our Team

We are the largest Hawai'i-based non-profit marine species response organization, covering the islands of O'ahu and Molokai with our team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers, interns and staff. Our team spends thousands of hours each year responding to calls involving protected marine species such as Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles and seabirds to provide shoreline response, stranding assistance, outreach, health management and rescue. Our work helps save these animals from deaths and injuries caused by hookings, entanglement, disease, and potentially dangerous or inappropriate interactions with humans and pets. This extensive presence in the field, combined with regular outreach and education activity in schools, community events and public venues allows us to engage with tens of thousands of people each year to build understanding, stewardship and support for Hawai'i’s protected marine species and the coastal ecosystem we share.

Be a Volunteer

Our volunteers are at the core of our work. Without these dedicated individuals we could not do the work we do.  Are you physically fit and able to commit to certain minimum volunteer activity levels to help save Hawaii’s protected species such as the Hawaiian monk seals, sea turtles and seabirds? If so, CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT EACH HMAR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM to better understand the activities and expectations of a volunteer in each program. After reviewing our different programs, you can submit a volunteer application.

Be an Intern

If you are a degreed or degree-seeking individual engaged in fields of study such as marine biology, ecology, ocean sciences or related fields, we offer internship opportunities in a variety of HMAR programs.

As an intern, it is important to note:

  • The majority of internships are unpaid positions that do not include housing or living expenses. HMAR does not provide any housing or transportation. 
  • Internships require a minimum of 20 hours per week of work for at least 3 months. Full-time internships are also available.
  • Access to a reliable car or truck is required and is the responsibility of the intern. Motorcycles or scooters will not be accepted due to the nature of the work involved. There are no exceptions.
  • Internships can be applied as college credit if your institution allows. Interns are responsible for coordinating the requirements for college credit.
  • Interns are responsible for acquiring their own needed equipment such as binoculars, hiking shoes, vehicle, fuel, camera, and other materials outlined in our application.
  • Interns must be 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen or hold applicable visas, and be very fluent in the English language.
  • Interns must be capable of certain physical requirements due to the nature of field activities. Interns should be able to walk for at least 3 miles in sandy/rocky shorelines, able to carry 75 pounds for at least 100 feet, be able to swim in the ocean, and capable of working in variable weather conditions.
  • You will need to submit a CV/resume, cover letter, and provide three references as part of your application process.
  • Due to the nature of HMAR’s activities, it’s essential that interns can maintain a calm demeanor in stressful situations, enjoy communicating with the public, are able to work as part of a team, and are eager to learn new skills.

Click below to learn more about each internship program, what work you will be doing, the minimum requirements, and to apply.

Employment Opportunities

When we have an open staff position, that information is posted on our Facebook page so please check there for more information.