Our Partners

Grants, contracts, sponsorships and various forms of partner relationships are critical to our success. HMAR is thankful to all of our partners for their support and collaboration so we can make the most significant positive impact to help Hawaii's marine protected animals and our ocean ecosystem.

Government Partners

Through grants, cooperative agreements, contracts and other partner relationships, government agencies play an important role in helping HMAR to continue and to expand our work.

Corporate and Foundation Partners

Corporations and foundations with a focus on natural resources, community support and care for our environment offer grants and this financial support enables HMAR to continue to grow our programs and our positive impact on Hawaii’s marine protected animals and our ocean ecosystem.

Atherton Family Foundation

Sidney Stern Foundation

Corporate Sponsors

Forwarding thinking, community centric and environmentally conscious organizations provide valuable cash and in-kind donations to HMAR through our Sponsor Program. This generous support is important so HMAR can continue to help Hawaii’s marine protected animals and our shared ocean ecosystem.

Project Partners

Some of our partners work with HMAR on specific projects or in certain geographic areas to strengthen our capabilities and collective impact. We value their capacity, support and assistance to ensure that we achieve our objectives most effectively.

Would your organization like to sponsor HMAR or partner in other ways. Click HERE to learn about HMAR’s Sponsor Program or just EMAIL US.

Mahalo for your support!