Our Education & Engagement Program is designed to teach valuable marine conservation messaging to students, visitors, and residents in Hawai’i and anywhere in the world both in physical settings and using virtual tools. We regularly conduct outreach events at partner venues, and participate in community events, while our teaching resources are used by educators both in Hawai’i or anywhere. Our goal is to inspire behavior change, create ocean stewards, and connect children and adults to our ocean ecosystem.

Our learning approach:

Hands-on materials with student interaction

Inquiry-based learning that enhances critical thinking

Solution-focused discussion to inspire & empower students

Hawai’i Marine Animal Response’s (HMAR) Education & Engagement Program makes teaching tools available to educators both in and outside of Hawaiʻi. These tools can be used to teach learners as young as preschool and as old as undergraduate college courses. We focus on interactive, inquiry-based learning methods that engage students in conservation by promoting solution-focused discussion, problem solving, and critical thinking abilities.

We currently offer the following lessons that can be adjusted based on the age group and length. Additional lessons can be developed based on interest.

  • Hawaiian Monk Seals: Introduction, Threats, Diet, Identification and Pupping
  • Hawaiian Sea Turtles: Hawksbill vs. Green Sea Turtles, Life Cycle, Threats
  • Hawai’i’s Seabirds: Laysan Albatross and Wedge-tailed Shearwaters
  • Marine Mammals: What is a Stranding?
  • Sustainability & The Sea
  • Marine Debris Mania
  • Laws & Guidelines Regarding Protected Marine Species
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If you are looking to bring ocean conservation curriculum to your classroom as a teacher, we offer a number of different resources.

Downloadable Curriculum

HMAR has developed a number of learning guides for educators to use in their classrooms, no matter where they are. Use this curriculum in your own way to get your students excited about the ocean!

These guides are designed for certain age groups and tackle different topics. We are continuing to develop learning guides, so we may not be able to accommodate your specific needs at this time. Reach out to us directly to learn more.

Educational Videos

HMAR has developed short videos for educators that want to teach marine conservation in their classrooms.  Students can learn about animal response, rescue, release, and watch lessons on different topics. Use these videos in your classroom to supplement material, or pair them with one of our learning guides.

If you’d like HMAR to present to your classroom virtually, reach out to us. We’d be happy to accommodate your needs with notice.

Enjoy valuable benefits for your organization while helping Hawai’iʻs marine protected species and our shared ocean ecosystem.

Your business or organization can get involved in HMAR’s Hawai’i Marine Stewards program and make a direct impact on helping Hawai’i’s marine protected species and the ocean. We will visit your business or organization (physically or virtually based on your needs) and teach your team about the animals we work with and how you can help them. Your team will be trained by HMAR on the right conservation messaging to share with customers and the public to make sure everyone is part of supporting our ocean. When you become a Hawai’i Marine Steward, here is what you get:

  • Free training for your team members (up to 20 people) to learn about Hawai’i’s marine species and how to help in their conservation.
  • Window clings to display at your location or on your vehicle showing your organization is a member of Hawai’i Marine Stewards.
  • Hawai’i Marine Stewards digital logo files to use In your materials, website, and social media.
  • A beautiful 24″ x 36″ Hawai’i Marine Stewards poster showing the proper rules for interactions with Hawai’iʻs marine protected species.
  • Up to 2 of your team members can participate in a “ride-along” with HMAR field response staff during a 4-hour shift. (This is a great employee recognition gift.)
  • Your organization name and logo will appear on our HMAR Hawai’i Marine Stewards web page with a link to your web page.
  • Your organization will be highlighted periodically in our Hawai’i Marine Stewards Facebook posts, reaching thousands of people.

Participation in HMAR’s Hawai’i Marine Stewards program is provided with a customary minimum donation of $200 per year. Your donation can be made in a single transaction or can easily be made through a monthly installment plan.

If you’re ready to join the Hawai’i Marine Stewards program, click on the button below. If you still have questions about this program, please email us HERE.


So why should your organization be part of our Hawai’i Marine Stewards program?

Hawai’i’s marine environment is one of the things that makes Hawai’i so special and draws millions of visitors each year. And our ocean ecosystem is also beloved by our residents. So it makes sense that we should take care of, and be “stewards” of, the protected marine species living in our waters.

Become a partner and join our Hawai’i Marine Stewards program.  You’ll get all of the benefits listed above and even more.

Education for your team and more engaged happy customers and members

We bring classroom or virtual instruction to your team giving them valuable information about the natural history, behavior as well as important viewing and interaction guidelines for Hawai’i’s endangered, threatened marine protected species such as the Hawaiian monk seal, sea turtles, seabirds, dolphins and whales.

With this training, your team will be better equipped to answer questions and teach your customers, members and the public about Hawai’i’s special marine species and our shared ocean ecosystem. Everyone loves to learn and the people your team come in contact with will appreciate the extra level of information you can share. And when your customers, members or the public see these animals in the wild, they’ll know more about them and how to safely and appropriately view them to prevent unnecessary disturbance or interaction.

Through this action, your team members and the people they engage with will then also become stewards of our marine protected species, and they’ll be helping in the conservation and management of our shared ocean ecosystem.

We even equip you with free materials you can distribute that provides information on marine species and proper stewardship, viewing guidelines and interaction rules.  We will also provide you with free marine species information that you can easily post to your own website or social media feeds boosting your organization’s online content and presence. Through our Hawai’i Marine Stewards program …

… your team members will be more satisfied because they will be better trained and because they will be making an impact on preservation of our ocean.

… your trained team can then better educate your customers and the public.  Your organization will having raving fans.

… more informed team members, customers and the public will increase stewardship of our protected marine species.

a stable and recovering ecosystem of marine protected species leads to a healthy and sustainable Hawai’i marine environment. 

This is a true win-win for your organization, your team, your customers or members, and our protected marine animals and our coastal ecosystem.


The Hawai’i Marine Stewards program provides your organization with extra recognition. You’ll get exposure to thousands of our loyal followers on social media, and important ocean stewardship content you can post to your own social media feeds and web page. You’ll also get materials to give your customers and the public as well as window clings for your location or vehicles. And our Hawai’i Marine Stewards logo can be used on your own materials, social media and the web. And more!

Click HERE here to see some of the forward-thinking companies that participate in our Hawai’i Marine Stewards program.

Won’t you take this important step to become a member of our Hawai’i Marine Stewards program? Just click the button below.